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    Hey guys,
    I have downloaded the theme Builder from RIM.
    I spend a while doing a theme and it has no transparencies for the signal and battery meters.

    I would like to call it ''Glance'' but you can call it any name you like and take full credit for it.
    My idea is to have a ''glance'' at the screen and have all the information easy without having to bring the Blackberry bold 9700 nearer my face.

    Can someone please help me out?
    It's a very simple concept.

    Here it is:

    *Blackberry Bold 9700
    *Based on the Theme that comes with the blackberry. Precision Zen I think.
    *HOME screen needs to be modified. Application bar thing i think is complicated so no need to do.
    *Does not have to come with an included Wallpaper. I can set my own or use a Black background.
    *Clock needs to have am/pm.
    *Clock needs to be three times bigger than the default.
    * Date needs to be the same size of the resized clock.
    * Day names can be shortened... Saturday = Sat
    * Battery and signal/wifi Meters need to be three times their original size.
    * Please don't show the unread message count (no numbers) But please do have the red unread message indicator.
    * It it possible to have all the other indicators three times the size too? eg: bluetooth, wifi, chat, ect.

    This is without the today screen yes? It has the normal line of six icons on the bottom?

    Thank you so much
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