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    OK I'm a newbie to the BB Bold 9700 and to this forum, so I beg for your patience with a dumb question.

    I've downloaded a couple of themes I rather like. But, I have a set way I like to have my mail screen ... messages, contacts, calendar, im and bbm. Problem is this. I have that set up on one theme (the oceans of the world) but have downloaded purple flower and another one I rather liked but can't find the im icon. I find the IM folder, but it's empty. I have the same problem with both themes. Does anyone have a clue what I'm doing wrong?
    Heeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    06-10-10 09:43 AM
  2. anon2100101's Avatar
    As far as i understand you, there a two possibilities: every theme has its own 'character' to sort apps an icons. Sometimes you find some apps open on the main/applicationscreen, sometimes in DIFFERENT folders...search in every folder for the icon you are missing. Second reason could be, that the selected theme hides the searches icon and its occult/hidden. Open on every level (mainscrren, open folder) the menu and check if the menu offers you the choice for 'showing all' (i dont know exactly the english wording)... Set a tick an all icons will be shown... ;-)

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    06-10-10 10:53 AM
  3. Curly Top's Avatar
    Thank you. I think I've looked in all the folders but I will try again.
    06-11-10 11:37 AM