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    This snowman christmas theme has been made using theme studio 5.0 and has been made for the 9700, 9630 and 8900

    Hidden dock is activated by scrolling up or down from the home screen icon
    This icon can also be used as a weather slot - 1st icon in list
    Hidden dock is customisable with icons 2-7 in app list
    custom made menus, boxes, buttons and cursers
    original zen icons used
    snowflake call screen
    hidden today feature also activated on scroll over

    This theme will work with 5.0 but if you notice any bugs or suggest any changes i will sort them as soon as i can!

    enjoy the theme

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    11-17-09 06:46 PM
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    Nice!!! I love Christmas and I am hoping to have quite a few themes to choose from.

    Any hope of a more Christmas theme rather than winter? (christmas trees, santa, ornaments, etc.)

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    im just starting to make my xmas themes this week so they will be up on my site soon if you want to check back!
    11-18-09 06:46 AM
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    thank you!!!
    11-18-09 08:25 AM
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    what about a Calender theme?
    11-20-09 07:03 AM
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    there is a hidden calender feature............
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    11-25-09 01:53 PM
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    can you make this for the 8330 ? I love the look of this theme
    11-26-09 01:22 AM
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    This link gives me a 404 error.

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    11-28-09 01:23 AM
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    Ota link shud now work sorry I changed it over to my new host

    Lots of new themes have also been added to my site if you want a look!

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    11-28-09 06:35 AM
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    How do I get this on my phone?
    11-28-09 07:00 PM
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    Click the ota link on the first post and shud download to ur phone and install

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    11-28-09 07:06 PM