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    I have been looking for a theme to my liking, but have not been able to find one. I wanted more icons on the home screen, add a couple lines of "today", and really liked the idea of a % display for battery. I didn't want any fancy colors nor wallpaper. I like an all-black background. So, I made my own.

    I only figured out how to use the theme creator and edit the .png for the battery images last night, so go easy on me. Also, I do not have a tool to take screen shot of the BB, and I was too lazy to crop the picture, so here is what I have:

    Don't mind the red lines--they simply show how the cursor can navigate. This gives you a preview of how the theme would look at the home screen. Notice the % battery, double stack icons, and today/calendar display. The icons are customizable like the Zen theme.

    This is how it looks on a simulator device:

    To do items:

    1) Make the battery % display larger
    2) Add transistions to page changes as well as icon changes

    I don't have a host for OTA, so these are files for Desktop Manager.

    The two files differ in font size. The "snovvman1.zip" file has reduced font size, with most at 23. The "snovvman1d.zip" has the default font sizes, with most at 30.

    I am using this theme on my T-Mobile 9700 with good results. As usual, enjoy at your own risk...

    Let me know if you like it (or hate it).

    11-23-09 10:56 PM