1. Dillyzn's Avatar
    I have searched Hi and Low and cannot find what I am looking for!

    I am a bit of a noob when it come to themes and I have even gotten to the state that I have tried to do this myself using Theme Builder but its too
    complicated for me!

    All I want is for someone to PLEASE PLEASE modify the Standard Precision Zen Theme for my Bold 9700 5.0 os so that I can have 8 icons at the bottom of the Home screen. Thats All!

    No font changes, no wallpaper changes, no transition changes!

    All I want is the Standard Precision ZEN Theme with 8 smaller icons at the bottom of my Home screen!

    Please can anyone Help me out?

    I have searched but all the other guys that have done this mod have changed other things on the theme.
    03-12-10 07:39 PM
  2. Dillyzn's Avatar
    Anyone please?
    03-13-10 02:58 AM
  3. Ad1tya's Avatar
    You can use Mini, but thats 14 icons.

    Or you can use this..


    12 icons and a lovely layout.
    03-13-10 03:16 AM
  4. Dillyzn's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestion but if you read above all I want is the standard precision Zen theme with 8 smaller homescreen icons at them bottom.

    I have seen the amazing themes that some of these guys have done, so surely there must be someone kind enough to either help me do it in theme builder or quickly do it for me....please I am so desperate for this!
    03-13-10 04:48 AM
  5. Dillyzn's Avatar
    I have spent the last 4 hours trying to create this myself using Blackberry Theme creator.

    I have discovered how to create the 8 icon dock using composer and resizing the documents and exporting the SVG.

    Then i open up the SVG in Themes builder.

    But my problem is that when install the theme on my phone i get the dock appearing but the dock will not change to the relevant 8 icons. I did set the setting in composer where by it would use the user defined icons (i forget the name).

    It just shows the default Application Icons on the home screen and when I scroll over them they do not highlight.

    I am able to click on the icons (i dont know hwich one im clicking on) and it will open the relavent icon in the menu Screen. But the Icons are not updating with the relevant "application Icon".

    Please anyone?
    03-13-10 08:06 AM