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    Please see my other thread about this theme... Thanks
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    01-05-10 07:27 PM
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    Gateway timeout error.
    01-05-10 10:21 PM
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    Had a few problems uploading to my website... should be sorted now.
    01-06-10 07:03 AM
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    Link still gives gateway timeout error.

    What program did you use to build this?
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    01-06-10 07:49 AM
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    Nice, thanks.

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    01-06-10 08:17 AM
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    Sorry about the links timing out... sorted now, had the wrong website! .com instead of .net... I can be a dummy at times!

    To build it I used Composer from RIM for the .svg files and setting the buttons etc, Adobe Fireworks for png graphics and theme builder to put it all together from RIM. Took about 5 or so hours from start to finish, but a lot of that was trial and error to fix bugs and learn how it all works.
    01-06-10 08:32 AM