1. chadec's Avatar
    I'm looking for a very simple and clean theme for my 9700. I've been hopping around through several including AbsoluteBlackII, Simple Android, Simp (from pimpmyberry) and Ink.3 ... These all have their ups and downs to me, I was waiting on AbsoluteBlack3 to come out but that seems to be at a standstill for the time being. Basically, what I feel i need is very minimal and essentially just a bar with the date time, battery etc. in it with a couple of icons.

    I'd be glad to donate to someone who would want to create this and I wouldn't be surprised if others would like something along the same lines... If anyone is interested in taking a little time in making this let me know. BBM, email, PM or even a reply on here would work.

    03-16-10 04:39 PM
  2. dondidit's Avatar
    That is definitely what I'm looking for also. Maybe if u get more requests some wonderful "Crackinite" would make it!!

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    04-19-10 05:14 PM