1. jawang26's Avatar
    Hi, I sorry if this is in the wrong section but I'm trying to put a custom image or different color dialog box (Theme The Control section or 4th button down) but I cant tell what size it is.... In the theme builder it states its 40 x 40 but when I import an image that size it is too small. If someone could tell me what size the Dialog box and the Menu Box (cursor sizes too while we're at it) are that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance
    01-30-10 04:29 PM
  2. uestoepsel21's Avatar
    on the right side where you set the dialog box you have a small icon. klick it and set the space. I use 24/15/24/15
    you can also do this with the buttons...
    01-30-10 04:37 PM
  3. jawang26's Avatar
    Umm Its the background for the dialog box though its preset at 40x40 im not sure what you mean on the right side do you mean the tile? After tile is color wheel and then catalog box for colors
    01-30-10 04:47 PM
  4. threedeckstew's Avatar
    there is a small icon next to the dialogue image which you can select the dimensions of the box. click this and it brings up a new box where you can change the dimensions so it will fit better.
    have to try and it and see to understand.
    01-30-10 04:55 PM
  5. jawang26's Avatar
    Hmm I cant find what your talking about...Im using the blackberry theme composer 5.0 if that makes any difference
    01-30-10 11:24 PM
  6. Boywinlee's Avatar
    You need to do it on theme builder.

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    01-31-10 06:52 AM