1. miz_pimp's Avatar
    Hi everyone!

    Here's my latest theme, Purple Candy - I named it that because it's candy to my eyes, hehe! Anyway, I've been working on it for quite some time now, and I'm FINALLY happy with it to share with everyone.

    There are two versions of this theme; one with a Hidden Today, and one without. I know there are quite a few people who don't like the Today versions (I'm one of them ), so I made both.

    Purple Candy is now available for 97xx/96xx/89xx!

    About the theme:

    • NO transitions
    • 11 mini icons, plus weather slot
    • Hidden Dock (press SPACE to SHOW it, and ESCAPE/BACK to HIDE)
    • Hidden Today shows 5 items, and is accessible on Icons 8 and 9 in your applications list
    • Hotkeys are as follows:
      Manage Connections > $
      Clock > C (shift + c)
      Facebook > F (shift + f)
      Twitter > T (shift + t)
      MeterBerry > 0 (zero)

    Get Purple Candy Here

    Enjoy it!

    Show your appreciation by donating! Thank you!

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    01-21-11 10:09 AM
  2. Ca3sar's Avatar
    anyway to modify so space is quicklaunch and the dock can hide with scrolling?
    01-21-11 02:25 PM
  3. lovemyspanish's Avatar
    Thank you for this wonderful theme. I have admired your work on the Curve themes. First, thanks for keeping them free and we appreciate your talent. Please make more.

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    01-21-11 04:32 PM
  4. puddin78's Avatar
    Thanks for a great theme and for making it free! Clean and simple

    (Also for making 2 versions; I don't like the Today either )
    01-21-11 05:35 PM
  5. Cool Breeze's Avatar
    I just got it, too. Thank you. I also don't like the Today versions.

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    01-21-11 09:56 PM
  6. Miss 9700's Avatar
    so nice

    01-23-11 11:36 PM
  7. jalax1's Avatar
    I cant believe this is finally for bold! I showed my girlfriend this theme when it was just for the curve (she doesn't really understand how themes work...they make it pretty) and was so upset she couldnt get it on her bold. Thank you for adding a bold version, and for keeping it free.. one of us will be donating for sure! keep up the good work.
    01-25-11 01:01 AM
  8. miz_pimp's Avatar
    Thanks, everyone!

    @Ca3sar, unfortunately, I don't have any plans to change the function of the dock.
    01-27-11 01:48 PM
  9. MoRedStar's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing! Love the theme and color!
    01-27-11 03:54 PM
  10. cheekie4ever's Avatar
    I absolutely LOVE this theme! Any chance of making something similar for OS 6.0?
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    03-05-11 04:04 PM
  11. miz_pimp's Avatar
    I absolutely LOVE this theme! Any chance of making something similar for OS 6.0?
    Thank you! I don't have plans to make this for OS6 at the moment, but maybe when I'm creating all my files again, I will do so.
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    03-07-11 03:47 AM
  12. Matrix Leader's Avatar
    lovely theme!! thanks, my GF likes it on her white 9780
    03-09-11 08:16 AM