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    We released a free beta of this theme not to long ago. It is now completed and new features have been added onto this theme. The free beta was a “watered down” version. Be sure to watch the video of this great theme and purchase one for yourself.

    --- Scrollable dock (10 icons)
    --- Hidden Weather Slot (* closes this slot and # opens it)
    --- Hidden dock/box. You can press the back button on your phone or click the red X at the top of the box to close it.
    + brings back up the box
    --- Minimize button puts the dock on the tool bar.
    --- Maximize buttons opens application screen.
    --- Click the arrow in the toolbar to bring up your today options. SMS and MMS, Calendar, and Messages.
    --- Hotspots for options, manage connections, and clock.
    --- Hover effect to the icons inside of the box.
    --- Backgrounds throughout – Windows 7 style!
    --- Spacebar = QuickLaunch (Sold Separately).
    --- $ = SMS and MMS.


    There is also a video preview at Blackberry Theme Lab

    Winbox Blackberry Theme - Themes BlackBerry Apps

    ** Icons designed by Big Papa from Blackberry Theme Lab. **
    Download Icon set here: Garminfone Icons! *Animated Icons* | Blackberry Theme Lab
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