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    Our latest theme Zuki Focus is now available from the CrackBerry App Store!!

    This time, we really wanted to make a theme that was really simple, clear and easy-to-use, yet at the same time, looked great, felt great and ran great.

    If there's one thing we all hate, its seeing screenshots of a theme and thinking it looks really cool but then downloading it only to find it doesn't look quite how you'd hoped and even worse - it drains your battery and/or slows your BlackBerry down!!

    At Zuki Mobile, we test and test and test all our themes before they are released. We have a team of (VERY) critical beta testers who make sure they let us know of anything and everything they don't quite like about our themes and any slight flaws that we may have missed during the first draft. Every single theme goes through a minimum of 4 versions before it is released to you guys.

    Anyway, enough talk about us, and on to the theme.

    Here are a few screenshots for you to check out.

    Whether you're interested in buying this theme or not, we're always really interested in your feedback, even if its just feedback on the pictures you see below. If you like what you see, there is a link to the CAS below them.

    You can purchase this theme here

    The Zuki Mobile Team
    04-16-10 03:54 PM