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    As many of you know Sheath has been a big hit with many BlackBerry users. Now The World Of Pootermobile has ported the theme's look and feel to the default OS6 layout. With Sheath OS6 you obviously won't get the customizable text icons on the homescreen but you'll have the default OS6 panels with Sheath's beautiful icons. As per OS6 style themes there isn't much customization theme developers can do on the homescreen but TWP has once again gone a small step further. Instead of having an obstructing focus on the homescreen banner for the "manage connections" there is a small gear that turns blue when you scroll up to the banner. It's not a huge feature but a welcome change to the huge blue bar in the default OS6 theme. Just like with the original Sheath theme you will definitely love your BlackBerry even more with Sheath OS6.

    Get Sheath OS6 from the Crackberry store HERE
    04-18-11 02:20 PM