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    NexBerryOne Theme is a gorgeous replica theme of the android platform and the Nexus One by Google(R) and HTC(R). As you can see from the screen shots, you are greeted with a beautiful wallpaper a la Nexus One. Next on top you got a brand new banner full of goodies! New notification icons along with new Battery meters and signal/WiFi meter. Along with the new banner, you have a great layout of 8 icons, 4 in a row with Android esk icons. All icons are perfect, and not a single pixel is out of place. Per usual you have a weather slot in the top right corner of the screen, as well a hidden today area was squeezed in for calendar entries and messages. Like i said, this theme replicates both Android and Nexus One really damn good!

    Along with all that, you have a hidden shortcut in there for QuickLaunch users, simply press the space bar in the home screen and BOOM QL launches! Whats not to love about this theme! Scroll down to the bottom and click the link to download for your device now! Devices supported: 9700; 96xx OS 5.0, 4.7; 9000 OS 5.0, 4.6; 8900 OS5.0, 4.6.1

    Download link:

    Click Here to download now for your device!

    03-16-10 07:11 PM
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    I clicked on the "add to cart" for the 8900 5.0 OS several times and it never added it to my cart. I couldn't add any version to my cart. Can you double check and make sure everything is working correctly?
    03-16-10 07:47 PM
  3. c_86's Avatar
    woah... that is messed... i just checked and everything is fine on mobihands side... let send an email to them and find out what the heck is going on...

    edit: seems to be an issue with the CB cart, not mobihand... in the mean time if you want to grab it now, you can use this link Click Here
    03-16-10 07:51 PM
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    Save your money!
    03-16-10 08:58 PM