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    As you can see on the screenshots, theme is based on Nokia Meego OS. It will support all devices on OS5~OS7.
    I'm still working on it(too much models to cover), if you find bugs or have suggestions, please feel free to tell me.
    My email address: theme.almostdone@gmail.com
    Twitter: @almostdone2012
    Crackberry PM

    Main Features:
    1.Custom homescreen with hidden dock (6 customizable icon,application 2~7);
    2.Special designed homescreen font,wallpaper friendly;
    3.One weath slot on homescreen (application 1);
    4.Full custom app icon set (meego style);
    5.Custom lock screen;
    6.Custom bluetooth,battery,wifi, icon;
    7.Perfect Asian language support;
    8.Wifi signal meter support.

    Extra hotkeys:
    3.z=manage connection
    5.$(US dollar)=sms
    7.alt+i,alt+o=hide&show weather slot(9790: touch the weather icon position )
    8.trackpad(ball) up&down=hide&show homescreen dock(9790:touch the bottom of the screen )

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    10-22-12 11:40 PM

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