05-08-10 05:09 PM
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  1. pmikhael's Avatar
    great theme... too bad i can't customize the 5 main icons. If i had the choice, i would have made them in this order: contacts - calendar - sms - email - IM folder

    Then the bottom 6 would have been browser - maps - appz - media - and whatever other 2 i felt like at the time.
    04-18-10 09:06 AM
  2. astewes's Avatar
    this is a sexy theme, but yes, there are issues.

    -the fact that the home dock doesn't come back after "hiding" it is unacceptable.
    -the whole today bar is really strange. i don't get the purpose of the grey icons . and they can't be customized? really strange. and the calendar is weird, too. i would delete things from my calendar and then have to restart for them to be reflected on the today screen.

    cute theme, it really is. but in terms of functionality i'm really disappointed. in retrospect, i probably would not have purchased. i'll probably wait a day or so to see if this theme grows on me - may try and get a refund.

    can you release a new version please? thx.
    05-08-10 05:09 PM
27 12