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    IMPORTANT: Please review device compatibility prior to purchasing. Not responsible for themes purchased for devices not listed. Please review all information, screenshots and instructions prior to purchasing or contacting tech support. Reset is required after initial installation of theme. NO zip files will be provided. Please do not purchase if you cannot download via OTA.

    Are you obsessed with customizing your BlackBerry screen with photographs and the hottest backgrounds you can find? Are you madly in love with Hello Kitty? Then Deja Hello Kitty Ghost is the perfect theme for you! Just in time for Halloween, Deja HK is so cute, it's scary! Pink wallpapers, an HK bow notifier and plenty of HK Ghost Halloween wallpapers. And, with 14 different color options to choose from for your clock, date and OCD text, you'll be sure make Deja work with any HK background even after Halloween is long gone.

    Deja was specifically created for those who love to have maximum visiblilty of their personal photos or wallpapers, while allowing the perfect touch of color. Four user defined text icon tabs are conveniently set to the right of your screen. Don't have the need for icons? Simply hide the dock and enjoy your screen space. Hidden banners and meters provide even more room to view your favorite wallpapers to the fullest. Still not enough space? Clock, date and OCD text are also hideable, along with a conveniently placed OCD/Weather slot. User defined wallpaper on HS/LockScreen, user defined fonts in message screen. Handcoded svg.


    RingTones (8)
    Profiles (f)
    Videos (3)
    SMS/MMS 0)
    YouTube (6)
    Pictures (1)
    Manage Connections (9)
    Music (2)
    Wifi (7)
    Twitter (4)
    Facebook (5)
    Universal Search (s)
    Tint (z/x)
    Color Menu (?/!) (480x360 devices) Touch Hotspot for Torch
    Bottom Banner/Meters (g/j) (480x360 devices) Touch Hotspot for Torch
    Top Banner/Meters ($/@) (480x360 devices) Touch Hotspot for Torch
    Weather/OCD (+/-) (480x360 devices) Touch Hotspot for Torch
    Dock (space/escape) (480x360 devices) Touch Hotspot for Torch
    Clock/Date/OCD Text (*/#) (480x360 devices) Touch Hotspot for Torch

    Please see screenshots for hotspot info.

    Get your copy here!
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    my screens usingtorch but wanted to show what a great theme this is!!!!Thank you for another fantastic theme
    10-11-11 04:53 PM
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    Oo love Hello Kitty!! So adorable. Not too sure about the baby pink + baby blue though. Cute nonetheless!
    10-17-11 08:30 AM