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    With the end of the day at hand, one can take time to enjoy the sunset and contemplate tomorrow's busy schedule. Likewise, Berry Journal allows you to contemplate your schedule quickly and efficiently with a single keystroke, and leave time to see the sun silently sink from view.

    Berry Journal is the perfect theme to show off your wallpaper. Pressing ESC immediately opens the Hidden Today screen with 6 Calendar items. Pressing "0" quickly closes the HT screen and brings forth 18 smaller icons of your favorite apps, plus an additional slot, to the right of the top bar with its large framed clock.

    * The hidden today is accessible from the upper icon, signal meter and the banner profile icon
    * ESCAPE hides the icons and shows HT and 0 (zero) hides the HT and shows the icons

    ** Works best if the universal search is off **
    ** press zero after loading to active the theme **

    Sms/Mms ($)
    QuickLaunch (SpaceKey)
    Messages (m)
    Options (o)
    Memo (d)
    Calculator (c)
    Lock (l)
    Browser (b)
    Blackberry Messenger (n)
    Profiles (q)
    Tasks (t)

    Special thanks to tscalia2 for helping me with the HT

    PURCHASE HERE FOR $2.99 **ON SALE FOR $1.99 UNTIL 3/31/2011**

    03-22-11 02:56 PM