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    Alpha2 -- Return to the Nature of Theme Using -- is In CrackBerry Store Now!

    * 1. The advanced technology of SVG makes all themes run more smoothly.
    * 2. 0 is the battery life, 2 is signal and 1 is buletooth signal (Can't appear on many machines).
    * 3. Cool black style.
    * 4. The design of lagre elegant gray icons
    * 5. On the HomeScreen, the BOTTOM TOOLBAR can be showed and hidden [the button:7 or (alt+z), 8 or (alt+x)].
    * 6. TODAY ENTRY can be showed and hidden on the HomeScreen [the button: 4 or (alt+s),5 or (alt+d )] .
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    12-07-10 10:00 PM
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    This is really a good theme that I have never seen. Maybe it's a little exaggerate, but it's my true experience. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you create next! Thank you for sharing it!
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    12-08-10 10:36 PM
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    Thank you. We will keep working hard and bring you surprise constantly.
    12-09-10 09:36 PM
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    Welcome everyone to share feelings after using!
    12-14-10 02:52 AM