1. mgdotnet's Avatar
    Crackberry members get 50% off my themes until 4/30/2010.

    This is the first time I am offering this and it may come back depending on the amount of sales it leads to. I may not have a lot of theme for your device, but I do offer custom themes. The list below will show all of my themes for every device. You must use the phone detector on the top left side to view which themes are for you.

    If you do not see a theme you like, you may order a custom theme and still use the coupon!!

    At check out, please sure coupon code 50cr4ck in order to get 50% off of my themes.

    Here is the list of my themes
    04-13-10 02:44 PM
  2. Captivate me's Avatar
    Great!!!!! Is the Droid slide 16 icon ready yet? That's the one i've been waiting on
    04-13-10 03:44 PM
  3. mgdotnet's Avatar
    Not yet - working on icons. Hopefully by the end of this month...
    04-13-10 03:46 PM