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  1. ngc's Avatar
    How many would you like?? Which ones???

    Basically I use Quicklaunch hitting the spacebar, but I'm thinking on putting some more shortcuts like pressing the "m" for Messages, the "s" for SMS, the "c" for Calendar and some others...

    Do you think it's a good idea?? Do you have another shortcuts that you may want on your theme???

    Thanks for the feedback!!!
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    02-17-10 12:01 AM
  2. japanangel's Avatar
    Hey ngc,

    There are already built in shortcuts for the BB if you go to phone options and turn off dialing from home screen. There's a list of them I posted in 8900 forum but you can figure it out easily by fooling around. Basically stuff like m=messages, v=saved messages, u=calculator, d=memo, b=browser etc. S is already programmed for search, and c=contacts/phone book.

    Thus, this leaves keys like spacebar and $ open for things that done have shortcuts,ike sms.

    Any theme that adds *additional* shortcuts are always great! I suggest you turn off dialing from home screen first and get a feel of all the shortcuts that are already available and you have an idea on what to implement in your next theme.

    To me, there is no drawback with shortcuts. It will only benefit those that will use it, and not harm people that don't. Please consider it.

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    02-17-10 12:48 AM