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    We need some developers to go completely outside the box i seen alot of wack themes im sure im not the only one that have this thought? We need name brands converse/versace/dg/lv/al copne/micheal jackson/kirk cobain/and so on come on we have blackberrys for god sakes. No disrespect to the hard working developers but crackberry.com should nothing but the hottest themes if you know a theme sucks dont put it out. There i am a ghost producer and if one on my tracks suck i will trash it before i present it to consumers because my name is stamped on it ok. Goodnight and lets be at the top are game no matter what it is this a buisiness phone buisiness people make money let get some name brand themes out because htc is stepping up.

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    07-02-10 02:33 AM