1. cheersmepal's Avatar
    hi all

    am looking for a personal theme to be kindly made for me

    i would gladly donate money if someone can make what i am looking for

    i use a blackberry 9700 with 5.0 os

    precision zen bottom dock icons 6 or 7 that do not bounce but highlite red green or orange

    i would like a non today / hidden today version

    and another version that has a fixed calendar with 4 - 5 items

    weatherslot on right side of screen

    spacebar shortcut for quicklaucher

    banner at top with large clock and date and profiles icon

    no transitions in menus as i wish the theme to be fast

    highlite scroll in menu text can be red or green or orange

    if anyone can do this i would really apperciate it

    03-03-10 12:46 AM
  2. cheersmepal's Avatar
    can anyone please help with this thanks
    03-04-10 04:17 PM