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    Hi everyone!

    I recently got a Bold 9700 running with v5.0.0.321.
    Now i tried to make a today theme with Blackberry Theme Studio 5, but I guess, I'm doing something wrong...
    It's supposed to look like this:

    My problem is this:
    On the homescreen under Messages and SMS and MMS, whenever I get a new one, it's not shown there. All that shows up is the little red asterisk thing, but no other info shows up. I know that at least the sender and the first line/subject should show up there.

    Did I do something wrong while creating my today theme? Or is there some option I have to activate in my BB first, so that those lines show up? Is it a firmware problem? Should I update?
    If it's a problem with the theme, could someone be so sweet and create a working one for me? After struggling for 2 days in a row with the Theme Studio, I give up!!

    Any help in this matter is very much appreciated!
    Thank you very much in advance!


    P.S.: I didn't quite know under which section I should post this, I hope I'm not completely wrong here, but since it was theme related, I thought it's ok to post here.
    03-25-10 09:27 AM