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    Hi. My 85 year old mother is rocking my old 9700, but hates the OS6 trays. I really need a simple theme that has a row of large icons across the bottom, no hidden anything, no today, no trays. I got her an OS5 style theme here, which is WAY better for her, but the icons are too small. I have searched, but I just cannot find the right one. ANY suggestions, links, etc would be greatly appreciated.

    04-13-12 09:17 AM
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    Well I recall when OS6 was released there were a ton of themes that made it look like OS 5. As far as making the icons larger goes, you could use accessibility settings on the device itself?

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    04-13-12 09:38 AM
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    Have a look at some of mine with big icons I made some time ago. Maybe will do
    Mobihand Link 1
    Mobihand Link 2
    Mobihand Link 3
    Mobihand Link 4
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    04-13-12 09:54 AM
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    9700 Themes - All Free!
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    04-13-12 10:20 AM
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    THANKS for the help guys! I will check all these out. Any other suggestions still appreciated.
    04-13-12 10:39 AM