1. Three7s's Avatar
    Can anyone recommend a theme that is easy to read at a glance?

    Free would be great, but willing to pay a modest amount for a really good one.

    Large fonts, icons, clock, good contrast, etc.

    Thanks in advance!
    06-12-10 12:58 PM
  2. element526's Avatar
    Danielloco has several that may fit your needs. Also check out al3azim, Foppa and natemz work.
    06-12-10 07:54 PM
  3. Three7s's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips! I'll check them all out!
    06-12-10 07:59 PM
  4. Foberry's Avatar
    BT Design's Hero and HD2 are both good themes. They're pretty much what you described, however they seem to lag a bit as the designers focus more on aesthetics it seems.
    06-12-10 11:07 PM
  5. MrsBS27's Avatar
    I mentioned this in another forum but i need an answer...

    i know this is going to be a stupid question but what is the difference between calendar and no calendar?

    im asking because i am looking in to purchasing a theme and it has 2 versions:
    with calendar and no calendar?

    can someone please put my ignorant mind at ease???
    06-12-10 11:26 PM
  6. gregsr1's Avatar
    Here's an example of a today calendar
    06-13-10 01:06 PM
  7. Three7s's Avatar
    Going to try the "Hero"...

    Looks a lot like what I am after.

    06-13-10 07:02 PM