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    I was thinking of putting one of the HTC themes on my 9700 but was looking for advice on which theme to use. I really rather not spend money on several themes to find a good one so I figured I would ask here. Which HTC theme works best for the 9700 Bold? What OS would work best with the recommended theme? I am currently running with weather bug as my weather application. The main thing I am looking for is the nice time/date with weather on my home screen.

    On a side note I have had my 9700 for a year now and outside of the stupid thing dialing 911 in my pocket I like the phone. I have thought about switching to a droid pro or samsung captivate but going to try to customize the phone more to see what it can really do. I love the battery life on this phone and cringe at the thought of having to charge a new droid style phone on a daily basis. My gf has a captivate and that is really a nice phone but she has to charge the thing daily and that is just a little to much for my liking.
    02-08-11 11:53 AM
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    I would definitely start with the free ones. You might find something that you really like before spending money. You are also free to download Theme Studio and make your own.
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    02-08-11 02:33 PM
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    Also, app world and the crackberry app store have free themes.

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    02-09-11 03:01 AM