1. crono707's Avatar
    Does anyone know in temrs of phone memory about how many themes can i download withou seriously slowing dowin my BB 9700?
    02-01-10 04:40 PM
  2. hitman52's Avatar
    Besides the ones already on the phone I'd say about 3 or 4 but me I only have 1 other then the defaults, but it all depends on how much memory you have free.

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    02-01-10 04:44 PM
  3. crono707's Avatar
    Okay sweet thanks for the info.
    02-01-10 04:47 PM
  4. dLo GSR's Avatar
    you can have as many as you want. at one point when i was building themes i had like 8 different versions of it on my phone.
    02-01-10 05:01 PM
  5. crono707's Avatar
    can you save themes onto your memory card? or does it have to save on the phones memory?
    02-01-10 05:01 PM
  6. sedalia066's Avatar
    With an app like Aerize I believe themes may be archived on a media card. They must be on the phone to work.

    Most themes are under 1meg. I often carry 10 or more on my 9000 without any trouble and lots less available memory than the 9700 has. So long as memory stays above 5 to 10 megs the phone should run fine.

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    02-01-10 05:13 PM
  7. crono707's Avatar
    thank you for your reply fellow BB user. GOD IM HAPPY I GOT THE BLACKBERRY! im happy with it a dont think ive ever owned a better phone.
    02-01-10 05:22 PM
  8. jlp916's Avatar
    I probably have between 10-15 themes on mine and haven't noticed any issues. Like another poster said, I usually keep the ones I really like and I like to change up my themes/walls pretty often.
    02-01-10 05:27 PM
  9. Sgt_Smoker's Avatar
    I have 6 different themes on mine right now + the 2 default ones

    No slow downs here!
    02-01-10 05:28 PM