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    I'm a lil confused when searching and looking at themes...sorry i'm clearly a newbie..What is the difference between Today, Today+, and Zen? Also what would be the name or particular style theme be called where when you place the cursor over an icon and it displays on the home screen.

    To clarify what I mean I'm looking for themes that lets say you scroll over the calendar icon and it previews say 3-5 calendar entries on the home screen, or you have messages and you scroll on that icon and it gives you up to the lets say 3-5 lines on the homescreen again as a preview, and so on and so forth with BBM, Text Messages, Facebook, ect..

    Any help would be truly appreciated I've bought certain themes and some are cool and others were a waste just want to better understand so i'm not just throwing money at a theme that does, or doesn't do what I want.

    06-02-11 02:16 PM
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    I believe the style youre after is Today+, although its often advertised as 'Hidden Today', where it only displays information depending on what you have highlighted, whereas 'Today' themes display the info all the time. Zen themes dont have this and only show the icons.
    Personally thought I dont like any sort of Today themes so I might not be 100% correct

    Also if youre paying for a theme check for videos & feedback to save disappointment!
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    06-02-11 02:46 PM