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    Hey guys, i just switched from the iphone to a bold 9700 and have not been happier with a phone. im just having an issue getting a theme that i downloaded ota to show up.

    i found a working link to the pipboy 3000 theme. the theme was v9 and people reported it to be working on their 9700 no problem. so i downloaded it directly to my phone and then it asked for a reboot. after that i went to themes under options and the only themes showing were the 2 pre-loaded ones.

    i have not fully grasped the bb device yet so i dont really know what to do. i was only able to delete the theme off the phone after i located it under options>applications.

    help me please... this theme is too sweet to pass up. ive searched everything for help with no success.
    05-14-10 06:23 PM
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    First the version that you download MUST be made for your device... second, it must also be for your major OS version (4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 5.0... and since the 9700 has only had OS 5.0 you need the OS 5.0 version)... third, you MUST use your Blackberry Browser to use an OTA link.
    05-14-10 06:29 PM
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    the version is made for all 9000 devices and has been reported a success on the 9700 by users and it was downloaded through the browser on my phone.

    edit- just tried it again and this time a reboot was not required but it still only appreas under options>applications and not op>theme
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    05-14-10 06:34 PM
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    Good luck with that... if it doesn't work, it doesn't work... any themes that are downloaded correctly will be visible under Options > Themes... if they are not there they don't work period.
    05-14-10 06:41 PM