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    Hey everyone,

    I first made this theme for the 9630 but I have been getting some good feed back so I'm branching out and making it for other devices so here is the 9700 version!

    I have taken things I've seen in other themes and combined them into this one.

    **Hidden Today area with 7 slots
    **Hidden Dock with 6 user defined icons linked to Hidden Today Area (lower dock area) (Thanks goes out to Matt Ginsberg from Matt Ginsberg | Web and Graphic Designer | Blackberry Theme Developer for his help on this)
    **Clickable clock and Manage Connections area on home screen (again thanks Matt for the assist on this on).
    ** 3G logo replaces 1XEV
    ** 4 user define icons along the left side non-hidden dock - linked to Hidden Today Area
    **Weather Slot on both Home screen and Lock screen. Use App Slot 1 when setting up your menu.
    **Transitions included and Wallpaper friendly on both Home and Lock screens.

    For the Hidden Dock, you use the $ to bring it up and the ESCAPE key to hide it.

    The screen shots below are from the BB Simulator.

    All comments and suggestions welcomed!

    OTA available at MyBBOTA.com Download - Zen Plus Theme - 9700 version

    Again, I do this has a hobby and always looking for ways to improve my theme building skills. A big thank you to Matt and the other developers for giving me pointers!

    A big thank you to vballer for the help finding a host for the OTA files!
    05-12-10 09:07 PM
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    Any screen shots?

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    05-13-10 12:26 AM
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    Any screen shots?

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    I think the problem might of been with the mobile Crackberry site. I looked at the forum from my BlackBerry and didn't see the screen shots but once I got to my office, I logged in and I am seeing the screen shots.
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    This is a great looking theme. I am currently using it and its amazing. Clear icons and menu so you can see somewhat what's behind it. Thumbs up for this one. Just one request, it would be nice to be able to access the weather slot by going to the right on the first set of icons on the left and up on the botton dock of icons.
    One more thing, when on the homescreen and on edge all you see is G
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    05-13-10 10:50 AM