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    Can you say Panels? Its seems to have become a signature of my themes since "Docked Panels" for the Pearl Flip, and has become popular since "Bold Docked Panels". Greyscale Panels expands on that with buttons to activate a dock with a simple click. 8 customizable icons make up the Applications dock. the initial Menu dock features your Blackberry basics fixed. BBM, browser, connections manager, contacts and options are the first you'll see upon clicking the "Menu" button onscreen. Click "Today" to view your SMS, emails, calendar and phome log enteries with a hidden today within the "Today" dock. This one is free.

    OTA OS5.0
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    I like the look of this theme, its a little bloated tho, 1.7 mb for a theme? Some of the best themes which experience zero lag are in the 200 - 500kb range.

    Kudos on the look though, very nice.

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