1. Michael Hepples's Avatar
    Fooling around in Theme Studio last week, I made a new theme for my girlfriend. I liked it, so I modified it for different colours, and figured I'd pass it along.

    8 homescreen icons
    WB/MB slots on homescreen
    Wallpaper friendly
    Colours run throughout the theme

    OTA links

    IF you feel like donating, or you want something customized, PM me.

    03-20-10 12:50 PM
  2. shannoncole05's Avatar
    Very nice.
    03-20-10 01:39 PM
  3. ObiGeorge's Avatar
    Been using the orange one, very nice. Thanks again Mike
    03-20-10 01:40 PM
  4. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    Any screen shots?
    03-20-10 02:13 PM
  5. Michael Hepples's Avatar
    Any screen shots?
    Which screenshots are you looking for? There are 5 in the OP of homescreens. I can put more up of other screens if you'd like when I get back to PC.

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    03-20-10 02:25 PM
  6. element526's Avatar
    Michael, I'm looking at the post on a PC and can only see OTA links. Does sound interesting though.
    03-20-10 02:30 PM
  7. Michael Hepples's Avatar
    Strange, they show up for me on both PC and WAP. Perhaps a browser issue, I'm using Chrome. Not sure.
    03-20-10 02:34 PM
  8. mstibby's Avatar
    I couldn't see the screenshots either but downloaded anyway. Love it!
    03-20-10 02:38 PM
  9. Michael Hepples's Avatar
    Glad to hear you like the theme.

    Still puzzling me that people can't see the screenshots though.

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    03-20-10 02:54 PM
  10. haymond's Avatar
    Thanks i downloaded the blue one!!! Nice!!!
    03-20-10 03:00 PM
  11. Michael Hepples's Avatar
    Give it a refresh now, you should be able to see the pics. Accidentally set the album as "private" when I created it, LOL.
    03-20-10 03:03 PM
  12. haymond's Avatar
    Yaaay!!!!thanks screenshots!!!lol Thanks for making them free.
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    03-20-10 03:16 PM
  13. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    Yep, much better now. They look good. Thanks.
    03-20-10 04:13 PM
  14. Gkins3's Avatar
    Very nice looking theme. I love the icons but only wish they were more crisp in resolution. Other than that, love it. Thanks for keeping them free!
    03-20-10 05:40 PM