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    Hi all,

    Hot off the theme studio and updated with transitions and compatible with the 9700.

    This is purelab's second collaboration with friends to develop a theme. This time it is with Mrs Tolles and in case you don't know, she is the beautiful wife of Mr Tolles (kinda of obvious right),whom has been very kind to host all those OTA links for purelab's theme.

    This theme was first released in October to commemorate and raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness month and the other reason was to raise awareness and funds for little Charmaine; She is the strong little girl in the banner on my webby.

    Before you go ahead to download this theme, spend a few minutes and click on Charmaine's Banner and read about her and help her in whatever way you can.

    pure.love by Mrs Tolles
    - Small fonts
    - Thin Bar battery Meter, decreasing every 10% block and "little heart" changed colour every 20% block. Red heart means full and purple heart means depleted.
    - All slots are user customizable, however only first two slots are 3rd party friendly.
    - With hidden today.
    - It's very pink and red but not total overwhlemingly kiddish. (At least to me)
    - Spacebar launch ShortcutMe or Quicklaunch
    - Screen Transitions

    *likely to include a weather version and to be release in my forum later on

    Some screen shots here:

    OTA links (download directly from your Blackberry browser)

    pure.love for 9700 OTA

    Theme notes:
    1) Theme for 9000, 9630 & 9700 are tested on simulators only
    2) Kindly do a battery pull after installation of the theme and ensure that you do not have any unread messages before you do that.
    3) Battery & Signal meters percentage are in 10% and 20% blocks respectively. They are only an estimate and do not expect them to be accurate to a % point.

    Please note not repost OTA links elsewhere without permission. Direct Links to my website is recommended instead. Thank you.

    Comments and feedbacks welcome. Let me know if there are any problems.

    "Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind."
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    12-26-09 10:04 AM
  2. OMGItsRae's Avatar
    This is totally me! I love pink. Thanks for the theme. I'm downloading it right now.

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    12-27-09 03:23 PM
  3. gr1zzly2121's Avatar
    Great theme, although I'm a guy I like it

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    12-27-09 03:30 PM
  4. tw1g_007's Avatar
    I admire your cause jason. I hope you become successful in such endeavours.
    12-28-09 05:42 AM
  5. jas0ns's Avatar
    @ Carl, Real man wears pink :P, i like it as well and been using it since I updated this theme.

    Thanks all for the comments. tw1g_007, I really hope so, so that Charmaine can get more funds.

    @ OMGitsrae, You are welcome, hope you like it.
    12-28-09 06:16 PM
  6. mm22191's Avatar
    can you please put the date on the homescreen?? i love this theme
    12-29-09 07:39 PM
  7. Cheeri's Avatar
    I LOVE this theme

    just one question though
    for the menu part, some applications has icon but some doesn't, how do i make all of them obtain an icon?
    for example msn messenger would have an icon, but email wouldn't
    01-02-10 07:08 PM
  8. jas0ns's Avatar
    Hi mm22191,

    Sorry about the date, it is how this theme is like and have no plans to update it as yet.

    Hi Cheeri, as for the application icons, I am not getting what you meant. If you mean if I can change the application icons in the app screen, then sadly, it can't be done.

    Thanks for your comments.
    01-14-10 07:46 PM
  9. Theresa_Marie's Avatar
    Using this theme now...best theme i had for my 9700 so far..LOVE it
    01-24-10 11:02 AM
  10. jas0ns's Avatar
    Thanks Theresa,

    Glad you like it.
    01-28-10 10:30 AM
  11. dazz403's Avatar
    i LOVE this one. best theme i have seen yet!! thank you!
    02-03-10 05:20 PM
  12. jas0ns's Avatar
    Thanks dazz403 for your comments. Happy to hear you like it.

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    02-13-10 11:45 PM
  13. lovemythemes's Avatar
    Is there a way that you could convert this for the 85xx?
    It looks really nice.
    02-13-10 11:52 PM
  14. jas0ns's Avatar
    I will need to find time to port it over. Give me some time and I might in the near future once I dish out some new themes. Thanks for the interest and comment.

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    02-13-10 11:55 PM
  15. talk2dawnie@gmail.com's Avatar
    I have downloaded many themes and this one is my FAV by far... I love how simple and neat it is...thanks!
    02-14-10 01:31 PM
  16. jas0ns's Avatar
    thanks talk2dawnie for the comment.

    Glad you like it simple like me
    02-15-10 11:14 AM