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    This theme is inspired by the author Tammy Watson. She is a Romance writer with a new book "Saving Simon" (486 page - Historical / Suspense / Romance). Check out her website at Tammy Watson

    Saving Simon: Would you save a mans life if you believed that it meant keeping him safe for the rest of yours? This is the dilemma that Sarah finds herself in. After the murder of her parents, she is raised by an eccentric Chinese man who teaches her that if you snatch someone from heaven you interfere with their destiny and must then protect themforever. This would not be near the trouble if the man she ended up saving were not a British spy. His actions may very well drag England into Americas War Between the States, which only further complicates her life.

    TammyWatson,com V1:
    - Custom Icon set
    - Custom battery and Signal meters. Battery is the left semi-circle, Signal is the right semi-circle
    - 6 custom Icon dock
    - Weather Slot
    - Hidden Today area

    TammyWatson.com V1: Available free here

    "Saving Simon" (486 page - Historical / Suspense / Romance) is available at TammyWatson.com, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and Books-a-Million.

    02-25-10 08:02 AM
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    Very Creative! Good job!
    02-25-10 08:23 AM
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    Very nice looking theme. I wish I was a girl so I could use it without getting funny looks when I'm on my BB in public!
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    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    02-26-10 04:22 PM
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    What a gorgeous theme. Like Draconian, it makes me wish I were a girl so I could use it.
    02-26-10 04:38 PM
  5. dannieloco's Avatar
    Non of us are girls. Too bad
    This theme is still legit

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    02-26-10 04:58 PM
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    *Updated 2-27-2010*
    02-27-10 11:23 AM
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    This theme is gorgeous!!! I love it! Now I want to find a hard case on EBay to match!!!
    03-01-10 07:16 PM