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    Theme number five

    A beautiful blue floral theme! Not sure who the wallpaper is by, as I found it in the wallpaper thread in this forum, so if you're the author and are not happy with me sharing it in this theme please let me know so I can remove it!!

    The theme has custom grey icons that I made myself. They are part of a set of icons that you can download here -----> Cutesy Icon Set

    It also includes a cool vertical scrolling dock with 10 icons in it!

    So here are the OTAs:

    Bold 9700 OS 5.0

    If you like this theme, check out my other themes at my blog - Blackberry Stuff by Laura

    And if you like the work I'm doing, please donate some money for a hot chocolate to keep me going!

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    02-14-10 11:44 AM
  2. azie's Avatar
    broken link. again.
    02-14-10 12:01 PM
  3. lholdsworth's Avatar
    Fixed. Sorry
    02-14-10 02:01 PM
  4. RJSH_1727's Avatar
    Oooohhh! This is beautiful! Would you be able to make this, with the color being a light pink, instead of the blue? I'm going to try it out now! Thanks!
    02-14-10 05:56 PM
  5. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    Super cute! Great job.
    02-14-10 05:58 PM
  6. catskye's Avatar
    Lovely, very beautiful. Just wondered if there is any way to make the font larger?

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    02-14-10 07:01 PM
  7. flybabyroxy's Avatar
    this is really pretty! thnx Laura =]
    02-14-10 07:47 PM
  8. mewjet18's Avatar
    I LOVE your themes! Keep making them!

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    02-18-10 12:41 AM
  9. mlang's Avatar
    this theme is cool!
    I think it would be nice if you could change the profile icon to text.
    02-18-10 08:50 AM