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    DReW11 ZEN - Hiding Dock, ZEN, Weather slot

    At your Request, I've recreated these themes without the "Today" option which now makes them "Zen" themes.

    My themes are built for Simplicity and Functionality. I've built and used themes with all the cool graphics, tricks and fluff but I always come back to what simply works.

    You've seen my free themes in the 8530 and 9650 forums. Want this theme tweaked just the way you like it? Save your receipt, contact me & we'll talk about customization.

    This theme has:
    - a Wallpaper friendly Home Screen.
    - Customized graphics including Transparent menus and dialog boxes.
    - Custom beveled notification icons and buttons.
    - 8 User Definable, mini-icons on a Hiding Dock:
    --> This has my unque code that makes it fast and smooth. My docks don't jump and gitter like the others.
    --> Pull down on the Track Pad/Ball to lower the dock & push up to raise it.
    --> Click Track Pad/Ball while the dock is closed to open app in Weather Slot.
    - Weather Slot on Home Screen (slot 1 on Application Menu)
    --> This is one of the few Weather Slots that has the text ON all the time (so I've been told).
    --> To access the application in the Weather Slot, click the Track Pad/Ball while the dock is lowered.
    --> Weather Application not included.
    - Keyboard Shortcuts:
    --> $ opens SMS
    --> 0 opens Profiles
    * NO access to the Profiles Icon from the Home Screen.
    * NO access to the Today Area.

    You can find these at the CrackBerry Store.
    DReW11 ZEN in Blue
    DReW11 ZEN in Pink
    DReW11 ZEN in Red

    Want this theme tweaked just the way you like it?
    Save your receipt and contact me at devils_kin(a)hotmail.com & we'll talk about customization.

    You can see most of my customized themes at Drews Themes.

    for Blackberry 9700, 9600, 8900 w/ OS 5.0
    Display Dimensions
    Operating System
    5.0 Non-Touch
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    Simple and nice

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    12-17-10 10:23 AM
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    Love these as all your themes!
    12-17-10 10:24 AM