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    Hi all, BB Themes is very proud to present


    !Design is a truly unique theme for your BlackBerry, from the beautifully created icons, through to the sliding icons on your homepage, this theme oozes all the style your BlackBerry will ever need.

    With 2 columns of icons which slide away from sight at the press of a key, to the hidden today section that pops up at the press of a key this theme really will make your homescreen a sight to be proud of.

    Please ensure you check the shortcut key list below, as these are an integral part of the theme

    Stunning Icon set
    Animated hidden today section (Today versions only)
    6 user defined icons on homescreen
    Icons on homescreen slide off to the sides
    Custom graphics and meters throught the theme
    Transitions on supported devices (OS dependant)

    $ - SMS/MMS
    Spacebar - Shows homescreen icons
    Back key (to the right of trackpad/ball) - Hides homescreen icons
    T (shift + T) - Shows popup today background (today version only)
    C (shift + C) - Hides popup today background (today version only)

    Please ensure you choose the version you want carefully as the Today version is seperate to the normal version

    ************************************************** *******

    Use Coupon Code CRACKBERRY25OFF (case sensitive) for 25% off

    Offer exclusive to Crackberry.com users.

    Unlimited uses available

    Please ensure when using coupon you are on Mobile device client

    ************************************************** ********

    and dont forget to post your pics
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    Not many codes left now people, dont miss out on a bargain

    coupon code CBDesign for 50% off
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