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    Get it at no cost to you

    Given the 9700's record radiation level (congrats Rim!!!!), this theme is called brain cancer.
    Check my second post for the features.

    If you like this theme, consider making a small dontation to:




    OTA: Download Here

    03-11-10 09:44 PM
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    Hand-coded SVG
    Theme is robust, yet snappy. I took a lot of time to ensure the code and png files are minimal and functional. It's geared towards efficiency, with a focus on the wallpaper. You'll be best served by using a dark wallpaper and disabling "dial from homescreen," to take advantage of all the keyboard shortcuts.

    Today Slider
    By clicking on the Battery, the screen slides to an optimized hidden today screen, where you can select today items from your global Inbox or Calendar.

    Setup, Games, Downloads, Applications, Files, Power Off

    4 dynamic icons located at Slots 1-4 (The 2nd to 5th icons on the Applications Screen -- The first Icon (slot0) does not show on homescreen). Focusing on the icons focuses to a larger icon on the top right with the title text below. Will work with battery/meter apps.
    Addionally, following the dynamic icons, there are two icons that activate the clock and manage connections.

    Fade to/from homescreen.

    Health Benefits!!!
    Constant visual reminder of what your future brain will look like courtesy of your beloved 9700


    Added Keyboard shortuts (from home screen)
    0 = manage connections
    $ = SMS/MMS
    sp = quicklaunch/ShortcutMe
    r = [R]ing (profiles)
    g = [G]oogle Mobile App
    f = [F]acebook
    x = Poynt (cause, you know, there's a point in the middle of x...reachin)
    y = [Y]elp (when will they enable commenting from your bb???)

    Native Keyboard Shortcuts

    t = [T]asks
    u = Calc[U]lator
    o = [O]ptions
    p = [P]hone
    a = [A]dresses
    s = [S]earch
    d = [D]umb shortcut key for memos
    k = loc[K]
    l = Ca[L]endar
    c = [C]ompose message
    v = Sa[V]ed messages
    b = [B]rowser
    n = Messa[N]ger
    m = [M]essages

    03-11-10 09:46 PM
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    What a peculiar theme! Haha! Funny (if brain cancer can ever be funny) though. Am I any safer on my 9630?

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    03-11-10 09:47 PM
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    Well, it's radiation levels are certainly less than the 9700's, but if you're caught in an emergency situation after having used your phone all day, your battery doesn't last as long (and might be dead)...it really all depends how you flip the coin.

    I take that back. Just looked it up. You're screwed either way. Sorry
    Blackberry Cell Phone Radiation Chart - Mobile phone EMF safety shield
    03-12-10 12:37 PM