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    Mods feel free to move this to the Themes section of the forums shall you deem it appropriate but I just don't understand why I keep seeing all of these popular IBerry, BeDroid and BerryVista themes being made for our beloved Blackberries?
    If I wanted my device to look like this or have one of these themes I would have gone and purchased a WinMo, Android or Apple device...right? Do they make a Blackberry theme for WinMo or Android or Apple Devices? Wait, forget that, the Apple product would not be able to pull that one off but you get the idea.
    The themes are getting really stale and I challenge the vastly talented developers out there to come up with something artistic and original to take advantage of the 9700, OS 5.0 (no laughs please) and that big beautiful display...save the knock-offs!

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    12-08-09 01:38 PM