1. smijes's Avatar
    hey yall!
    I did some searching on the forums, but i didnt find what I was looking for. If youre going to gripe that i didnt search well enough, please take your comments elsewhere!

    heres the scoop.
    What im looking for is a mac/osx/lepoard theme that has a hidden today feature. other themes that are not mac/osx/leopard related are welcome as well. lately ive been using berrygreen v2 for my 8900, but i recently upgraded to the 9700 and have not found a hidden today theme that i like... please give me your input and if you can attach screenshots of your theme of choice that would be helpful!

    thanks everyone!
    01-14-10 05:16 PM
  2. hytekchaos's Avatar
    i really like the theme true bold 9700, 2010
    six icon on the bottom an 5 ontop... lovin it.
    01-15-10 01:34 AM