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    BBLight - Designer BB Logo Screen (OS7 Icons)

    Compatible:OS6 9700, 9780, 9788, 9650.
    OS7 icons.

    Icons 1-7 set in device application order.
    Icons 1-7 positioned on BB Logo replica right on the Home screen.
    Custom clickable icons in the top banner set for Options (Battery Meter section), Calendar, Clock and Manage Connections (Signal Meter section).
    Custom clickable Clock, Calendar, Options, Manage Connections, Profiles, Messages and Search buttons.
    Home screen icons arranged to easily access all handy apps.

    Application name on the Home screen.

    Designer clickable BB Logo replica on the Home screen of your device!

    You can not change wallpaper!

    Get it at BBLight - Original Replica Of BB Logo on the Home Screen - Themes BlackBerry Apps or at BB Light - Scrollzee

    BBLight theme will look great on your BlackBerry® handset! If you are currently running OS6 then you will have a stunning new look of your device with the OS7 icon set!
    03-29-12 10:31 AM