1. danieljtmcleod1989's Avatar
    Do you like the B3 theme, but cant afford to fork out the cash for it? Well, today you can trun that frown upside down with B6

    This theme has:
    -10 icon user defined vertical scrolling dock
    -Fixed wallpaper
    -Standard menu
    -Shortcut to profiles (space on keypad)
    -Fixed calender, Messages and Phone Log today icons
    -Shortcuts to Options and Manage Connections on home screen
    -No transitions

    Feedback would be appreciated

    Also, i am creating a wallpaper friendly version of this theme, so keep a look out

    B6 OTA Downlaod
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    02-16-11 06:12 PM
  2. shrenik301's Avatar
    It would be more better if today area can be hide and wallpaper friendly.
    Though thanks for sharing

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    02-17-11 12:10 AM
  3. lonestar1135's Avatar
    No application swap if we bought B3?
    02-17-11 12:13 AM
  4. Tranquilo786's Avatar
    Nice theme! Lil remark is that the date is not shown on the homescreen...

    Thanks for sharing though
    02-17-11 04:28 AM
  5. cookney's Avatar
    haha best post ive seen today!
    02-18-11 11:40 AM
  6. jknutzen's Avatar
    Wow. Nice theme.

    Possible improvements: The notification area could be wider. Three notification icons will not fit, the 3rd icon shows as "..." I don't know if the clock can be slid over to the right. Would you set the profiles hotkey to zero "0"? A lot of people use "space" for QuickLaunch.

    WP-friendly would be great!
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    02-18-11 02:27 PM