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  • Yes, I think it would be awesome! The perfect blend of form & functionality.

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  • Yes, but with different images or color options.

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  • I would have to wait and see the finished product.

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  • No way. You are way off in left field on this one! LOL

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  1. thatton's Avatar
    So I have a very specific idea of what I want in a theme and I have given it a couple of shots using Theme Builder but I am just too much of a novice to get it done. If someone is willing to compose this for me I would be willing to pay a reasonable amount for the theme. Here is my idea:

    I really like Section 8 by NiteWalker and ultimately I would like for the theme to resemble Section 8 but with some tweaks. I would like for the banner to be similar to this:

    but have a spot for the MeterBerry app more like this(round):

    I like how the outline of this screen shot looks very chrome with black inside and I like and how it is round but I would like for it to be centered in the banner like Section 8. I do like the functionality of the banner in Section 8 A LOT! The only thing I would change is scrolling over the date would bring up the today items for the calendar.

    I guess kind of similar to this:

    I would like for the icons to be just the stock precision icons but Storm-like similar to this:

    I would also like to see if it would be possible to keep the 8 icons on the bottom dock in the Storm style with the transparency and the shading from top to bottom(on the icons) but have it be a hidden dock with hidden today for messages and calender(or all, whatever is easiest).

    I would also like for the menus to be transparent black just like this:

    I think it would look best if all of the menus were consistent & looked like this. ie- Quicklaunch, "Entering Standby Mode...", "Delete, Cancel" etc.

    Next, I would like for the highlights to be red, rather than the stock blue just like so:

    I would like to be able to select my own fonts rather than have it preset and I understand that this limits the red highlights to only "some" items which is fine. Blue on the rest will not bother me. I also would like to have the fonts stay the stock black color.

    I would like to have transitions in the theme as long as they are not the slide transitions. I think the one that I like best is zoom or fade? They appear to be the "fastest". Screen to screen I think is fade and when pulling up menus I like zoom where it seems to start from a focal point in the center of the screen and "grow" out to the left or right to become the full menu.

    I have images that I would like to use as well. Here is what I would like to use for the background on the Application Screen:

    Here is the Call and Lock Screen image:

    I have tried so many themes over the past few years and have truly tried my best to do this myself but I just fall short. I have contributed in other ways to the CB community but I'm asking for some help on this one. As you can tell, I know exactly what I want I just need someone to put my ideas into motion. If you think that you are up to the task please email(Troy_Hatton(@) or PM me. I have a couple of theme builders that I really admire that I am going to send this directly to but I'm cool with anyone who can get the job done.




    Would anyone else like a theme just like this? I guess I can post a poll so that the person who does this doesn't feel like I'm the only one...
    02-16-10 04:51 PM
  2. thatton's Avatar
    Good news for anyone who checked out this thread and may be interested in a theme like this. KSW1 is going to give it a shot on his own time and he makes amazing themes for sure! I can't wait!
    02-17-10 02:03 PM
  3. Captivate me's Avatar
    I like all of your ideas except the call/lock screen. Imo it should be left black as well.
    02-17-10 02:06 PM
  4. thatton's Avatar
    I like all of your ideas except the call/lock screen. Imo it should be left black as well.
    The lock/call screens was an image that I created myself just playing around in PS and I've used different variations of it as a wallpaper for different themes so it is just my personal preference but that would be something that would be easy to change for the person who is creating the theme. Black would look good as well or even something very subtle like the black wood wallpaper that KSW1 uses in the Eminence theme.
    02-17-10 03:40 PM