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    Have a Haunted Halloween with this animated theme. Watch as the Spider encounters a skeleton and a ghost as it tries to make it's way through this foggy Haunting scene. This theme is sure to be a treat for ghouls and goblins of all ages! Be sure to check out the video preview and get this theme at an introductory price of $3.99 until October 24th!

    Hot Keys:
    Spacebar* = QuickLaunch (Must be purchased separably)
    0 (Zero) = Clock
    $ = SMS and MMS
    alt + Q (#) = Downloads Folder

    Animation will play over any wallpaper you chose!
    There are NO home screen Icons.

    Purchase Here!

    *If you have QuickLaunch's homescreen hotkey set to "Space" in QL Options, your screen may turn white under the QuickLaunch box, but will return to normal when you exit QuickLaunch. Is is caused by the spacebar key being used twice to launch QuickLaunch. To avoid this, you can change your QL Options to a different hotkey.

    **As with all animated themes, the more you watch the animation, the more your screen is on, the more your battery will drain. However, by design, when your BlackBerry's screen is off, all items on the home screen including animations go in to a suspended mode to help conserve battery. So I apologize in advance if the animation is so cool that you watch it all the time and your battery drains faster as a result!
    10-18-10 02:04 AM