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    Rather than going through every post and changing it, I am posting it here. I have decided to make all my themes only $.99. Button activated hidden docks, sliding docks, button activated hidden today’s, weather slots, 14 icons home screens, whatever. If it's a Tattooz theme, IT’S $.99!!

    If you purchased my themes and enjoy them, tell your Blackberry using friends and family and post it on other forums. Help spread the word. Premium themes at prices “better than the dollar store”!!

    Please take a couple minutes and write an honest review of the theme on Mobihand
    Thanks for your support!
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    04-05-11 08:29 AM
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    Just want to thank everyone for their support and remind you that all of my themes are only $.99. I have over 30+ themes to choose from. So stop by my Crackberry Store and see what I got.
    04-15-11 06:46 AM