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    I own an AT&T BOLD 9700 (OS v5.0.0.442), and currently my theme of
    choice is the included Precision (AT&T). To be honest, my request is
    very, very simple, in theory at least (I think). Basically, I want the
    EXACT same theme, same font, same actions, same EVERYTHING, only with
    two (2) additional icons on the "home" screen (I don't know what the
    proper term for it is), which would bring the total number of icons to
    eight (8). I want all of the icons to remain at the bottom of the
    screen, so I would expect them to be proportionately smaller.

    I have NO desire for any of the "hidden" mess, where calendar events
    and/or messages appear on the screen. If any divergence from the
    "factory" Precision theme was to be made, I suppose a weather slot
    could be inserted either on the upper left side of the screen, below
    the "Sounds" icon, or on the upper right side, below the "WiFi" icon.
    This, however, certainly is not expected nor really even desired.

    Also, I failed to mention earlier that with a new theme,
    the ability to set my own personal wallpaper is preferred!

    As far as compensation is concerned, I have absolutely no problem
    paying anyone for their services, so long as I am satisfied with the final

    Easiest way to contact me is through email- chris.j.barbee@gmail.com.

    02-01-10 09:12 PM