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    Hi im new to both the crackberry and blackberry world. I was planning on getting a 8900 until i went into the t-mobile store to find out the discontinued the 8900 so now i had to get a 9700. Before i found this out i was doing research on the 8900 and getting things ready for it like wallpapers, themes, apps, etc,. Now that i have to get a 9700 i was wondering does themes and wallpapers for the 8900 work for the 9700.

    I want to know because i found some good sport/team specific themes for the 8900 and cant seem to find any team specific themes for the 9700.

    Also if anyone know where i can find some team specific themes for the 9700 can u pleas let me know

    One more thing. As i am looking at different themes i see things like hidden today, hidden dock, hidden weather, stock wallpaper, etc. Wat does these things mean and why would they need to be hidden?
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    01-19-10 02:29 PM
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    yeah they will work.. except for the incoming.outgoing screens will be default. Thats about the only difference.
    01-19-10 02:50 PM
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    Why does that default incoming outgoing thing happen?
    01-19-10 04:22 PM