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    Been really busy here lately working on some custom Precision themes for the 9700.

    -This thread contains:
    >12 User Defined Icon JScroll with a Weather Slot.
    *Weather Slot on Lock Screen.
    >12 User Defined Icon JScroll without a Weather Slot.
    >6 User Defined Icon Hidden Dock with a Weather Slot:
    *Scroll all the way to the right to hide.
    *Weather Slot on Lock Screen.
    >6 User Defined Icon Hidden Dock without a Weather Slot:
    *Scroll all the way to the right to hide.

    These docks were made in Composer and include a Highlighter Icon to help you find where you are at.

    Some Screenshots:
    Im only going to show screenshots of the ones with Weather Slots because they look the same minus the Weather Slot LOL

    JScroll With Weather:

    JScroll Lock Screen:

    Hidden Dock With Weather:

    Hidden Dock Lock Screen:

    *Sorry for the crappy quality of the Screenshots...if it comes down to it, you can right click on the page and click 'Display All Images With Full Quality' which is what i do.

    Now for the OTA.

    JScroll With Weather
    JScroll Without Weather
    Hidden Dock With Weather
    Hidden Dock Without Weather

    And dont worry here are the .zip's. I didnt forget about the Desktop Manager loves on here! Enjoy!
    01-29-10 06:44 PM
  2. redbadger's Avatar
    I tried it, but when you put the weather app in the first slot on the J theme, on the home screen, the first icon is an envelope, and when you press it, the weather comes up. Can you tweak this a bit?
    01-29-10 07:11 PM
  3. WESATKINS's Avatar
    the way i have it set up, the first icon is actually hidden. so the first icon you see is what you put as the second icon in the apps screen.

    what happened when you clicked it was, the focus underlay stayed but you were actually on that hidden icon.

    make sure the 1st icon that you see on your homescreen is highlighted within the icon its self.

    youll notice if you scroll all the way to the left it says the name of your weather icon, but if you scroll just one icon over the icon next to it will highlight and you will see the name of the icon.

    does that make sense?
    01-29-10 07:44 PM