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    Ok, so I have posted previously that my contract for the wife and I is about to end. We have been thinking of the 9700 (she currently has a Pearl 8100 and I have a Curve 8310). So I have been researching BB's and although I would really like a 9700, It does not appear from what I have read that the Mobipocket ebook reader will work.....this is a BIG deal for both my wife and I, as we are both very avid readers and reading from our phone is perfectly ideal for both of us. (will NOT use a Kindle) So on this note, and I hate for this to be the deciding factor......can ANYONE with a 9700 verify whether Mobipocket will or will not work with the 9700 and or anyone with an 8900 verify whether Mobipocket will work with that phone. Although I really want the best and brightest BB Tech....G3...... If we can not read from our phones then we have seriouse probs......so please let me know and thank you.
    02-17-10 02:09 AM
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    Give me a link and I will try it for you. I have no idea what mobipocket is
    02-17-10 03:12 PM
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    Give me a link and I will try it for you. I have no idea what mobipocket is
    I appreciate it, thanks. I had one guy just email me and tell me he was able to get the storm2 version to work by downloading it from the OTA site. Mobipocket is an EBook Reader program for reading books on your phone. Mobipocket (Mobipocket)

    One guy I talked to said the standard version didn't work, but when he did the OTA and chose the Storm2/9500 version it worked. Please let me know as I would feel better with a successful comment from at least two sources.

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    02-18-10 12:08 AM