1. karaya1's Avatar
    I've almost smashed my 9700 repeatedly tonight.

    I've been using OS 6 since i bought the device used some time ago. Generally it's been OK, i am pretty BB savvy, and shrink it to the bone. I re-install every couple months and it runs alright despite the memory leaks.

    Recently i've begun using a lot more apps and my phone just became so slow and unstable, despite booting with 65 MB's free. Constant browser crashed, whatsapp lag, GPS problems. Gmaps taking 3 minutes for the spinning clock to stop at the launch of the application, ect.

    I used to use a 8900 and had all sorts of apps and it was always snappy, so i decided to try to go back to OS 5 and get that experience again where i didnt have to worry about my memory or stability.

    I shrunk a OS and installed it on a clean wiped device. No issues. Figured i'd have everything done in an hour.
    Transferred contacts over, no issues. Email accounts set up without a hitch. Then..i tried to install appworld. Immediately i got the 80003 error about not being able to update BB Identity. The APN trick didnt work, nor do i have access to wifi for that "fix". I installed an old app world as that's another trick. It worked, kind of. Now, it tells me all sorts of fun things, like BBM music is not available on my device and many the other apps i use, that i know for a fact work on OS 5 and where i live. When i install them from OTA, then they can't sync up because of another BB ID error. Appworld still doesn't recognize them as installed. I've tried everything i can think of. Why in the world can't the BB ID service just work and why on earth does appworld want to just randomly deny me apps on my device that are made for my phone and work on my 8900 on the same build of OS 5 on the same network, sitting next to it.

    ARRRGGGG i just want it to work as it should on the OS it was designed to run. Is that really too much to ask?
    03-04-12 07:38 PM
  2. dangerousfen's Avatar
    Have you set up your Blackberry I'd to use App World?
    03-05-12 12:55 AM
  3. karaya1's Avatar
    Same ID I've used for every device, so yes. By downgrading app world, it managed to update the ID program, but still many apps are listed as "not available for your device" Which is absolutely not true. BB travel IS OS 5 on 9700 compatible and supported in my country and carrier, as is BBMmusic.
    I installed them from RROYY and everything works except they dont show up in appworld as installed and BBMmusic can't stream.
    Very frustrated still.

    Im going to create a new BB ID and see if that works.
    03-05-12 05:53 AM
  4. karaya1's Avatar
    Gave up. Installed a shrunken os 6 .723 and everything is working well again.
    What a waste of several hours.
    03-05-12 10:44 AM
  5. dangerousfen's Avatar
    Glad you got it working again.
    03-05-12 12:12 PM
  6. ets5290's Avatar
    I tried the same thing a while ago and my experience also wasn't very good, the worst thing was that downgrading didn't increase my memory by very much so I ended up going back to OS6. Try using quickpull to reboot your device, you can set it to do a reboot daily making your bb more usable. Alternatively, if you are able to do it you can upgrade to a newer device which is what I ended up doing.
    03-06-12 09:52 PM
  7. eSport's Avatar
    Gave up. Installed a shrunken os 6 .723 and everything is working well again.
    What a waste of several hours.
    I have a 9700 with OS6 .668 shrunk. Working a treat. Decided to go back to OS5 .1014 Spent a good 2 hours trying to reload using BBDM 6. Gave up as you and then reloaded BBDM 5 and presto!

    Did not attempt to shrink OS5 .1014 but had a terrible time connecting to WiFi - maintaining connection.

    Reloaded OS6 .706 shrunk and WiFi works
    03-13-12 11:24 PM